About Us

Welcome!  We are the Wilson's, founders of Happy Sapling.  Our business began when our own little one became curious about food and eagerly tried to eat off mom and dad's plates.  We knew we needed to provide a safe eating experience for her, but also wanted to customize these items to our needs and style.  After looking around for some time, we realized none of these options existed locally to Calgary.  Accessories for the IKEA $20 high chair seemed the perfect place to start.  With the help of our amazing sewing extraordinaire (AKA Grandma Wilson!), we set out to provide beautiful and high quality footrests, cushion covers and placemats for growing families such as ours.  Our company has since expanded to include cute and comfortable baby apparel.  We look forward to adding more locally produced baby goods to our shop in the future!


Our goal is to provide premium products, which is why we are continuously growing and evolving to ensure happy customers.  We strive to be a sustainable company by using eco-friendly processes and packaging.  Our footrests and cushion covers are handmade in Canada.  Our clothing is designed and assembled in Canada, 100% sweatshop/child labour free.

Thank you for supporting our family run business!