• Remove front two legs from high chair base
  • Clean high chair legs, preferably with rubbing alcohol as water will not remove any oils that may be hard to see, let air dry
  • Stretch o-rings around leg and move to desired height
  • Slot one side of the footrest in and then the other side. Happy Sapling logo should be on top, facing out
  • We include 4 o-rings with each footrest.  We recommend placing one set of o-rings above the footrest and 1 set below to stop it from sliding down.  If you find that your child is really pushing against the footrest, you can place both sets of o-rings beneath the footrest for extra support
  • Adjust footrest to desired height.  Ensure your child is sitting totally upright, with hips, knees and ankles at a 90 degree angle and feet supported

Cushion Cover

  • All cushion covers are conveniently made with a zipper at the bottom, making it easy to put on and take off
  • Loops at the bottom are made to attach to the hip belt so the cushion stays put when removing your child from the high chair


  • Made to perfectly fit onto the high chair tray,  peel off to clean.  Easy peasy!

Leg Wraps