Leg Wrap Instructions

How to Install our Leg Wraps

  • It is very important that you start with a clean surface! Ensure legs are clean and dry (wiping down with just water won't remove any oils that may be hard to see.  Rubbing alcohol works the best!).  It is a good idea to wash your hands prior to installing leg wraps as well.

  • Start by peeling off a couple inches of the backing

  • Line up the edge of the wrap strip with the bottom of the leg (where the silver leg meets the white footing)

  • For the front legs, position the wrap so that the centre is lined up with the push button ( this way the seam will not be seen from the front of the chair). Do the opposite for the back legs.
  • Start by peeling off a couple inches of the backing and sticking just the centre of the wrap to the leg. Make sure the wrap is centred all the way along the leg.

  • Continue by peeling off a little more of the backing and sticking more of the wrap until you get to the top of the leg. If you have an extra set of hands, it is helpful to have someone hold the wrap in place to ensure it stays centred as you peel off the backing.


  • Starting from the centre and moving outward, slowly smooth the wrap around the leg and try to push out any little bubbles (move from the bottom of the leg to the top)
  • If any part of the wrap overhangs onto the white footing, you can use an exacto knife to score it and create a straight edge
  • If using a footrest, position o-rings on the 2 front legs
  • Attach all 4 legs to the high chair base
  • Add footrest and move to desired height (if applicable)